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ropensci/codemetar: codemetar 0.3.0

Carl Boettiger; Maëlle Salmon; Hauke Sonnenberg; Noam Ross; Katrin Leinweber; Arfon Smith; Sebastian Kreutzer; Anna Krystalli; Jeroen Ooms; Jonathan Keane; Kara Woo; Michael Rustler; Sebastian Meyer

  • write_codemetar() can now be called from anywhere within a package directory structure. (#305, @mpadge)
  • Breaking change: write_codemeta() writes the JSON file at path relative to pkg, not the current directory. (#303, @ThierryO)
  • Added documentation for changing the default branch (#302, @jonkeane)
  • Breaking change: Relatedly, it is no longer possible to use write_codemeta() on an installed packages, in that case one would have to use create_codemeta() together with jsonlite::write_json().
  • Use R.Version() instead of R.version to allow mocking in tests.
  • Bug fix: now able to parse a README where badges are in a table with non badges links.
  • Bug fix: guess_fileSize() properly handles .Rbuildignore (#299, @ThierryO).
  • Bug fix: create_codemetar() handles minimal packages (#298, @ThierryO).
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