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JuliaStats/MixedModels.jl: v3.7.0

Douglas Bates; Phillip Alday; Dave Kleinschmidt; José Bayoán Santiago Calderón; Likan Zhan; Andreas Noack; Alex Arslan; Milan Bouchet-Valat; Tony Kelman; Antoine Baldassari; Benedikt Ehinger; Daniel Karrasch; Elliot Saba; Jacob Quinn; Michael Hatherly; Morten Piibeleht; Patrick Kofod Mogensen; Simon Babayan; Yakir Luc Gagnon

MixedModels v3.7.0

NEWS file. Diff since v3.6.0

NB: Closed issues and pull requests are sorted temporally and so may include backports to other versions or work in the development branch for an upcoming breaking release. Please see the NEWS file for changes sorted by release. Closed issues:

  • Does OptSummary need to be a parametric type? (#504)
  • Remove DataFramesMeta from docs (#512)
  • Storage of Parameter Vector for GLMM Bootstrap (#517)

Merged pull requests:

  • Add sparseL extractor and use it in condVar (#492) (@dmbates)
  • Fix formatting in Grouping docstring (#511) (@likanzhan)
  • Remove DataFramesMeta from the docs (#515) (@palday)
  • CompatHelper: bump compat for "Distributions" to "0.25" (#516) (@github-actions[bot])
  • omit lowerbound on beta for GLMM bootstrap (#518) (@palday)
  • BACKPORT: condVar + GLMM bootstrap lowerbound compat (#519) (@palday)

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