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cta-observatory/ctapipe: v0.11.0

Karl Kosack; Jason Watson; Maximilian Nöthe; Jean Jacquemier; Alison Mitchell; Dominik Neise; Christoph Deil; Michele Peresano; Samuel Timothy Spencer; Raquel de los Reyes; Franca Cassol; Lukas Nickel; Kai Brügge; Michele Mastropietro; Thomas Vuillaume; Jérémie Decock; Abelardo Moralejo; Wrijupan Bhattacharyya; francesco visconti; Jose Enrique Ruiz; mgaug; Noah Biederbeck; Ruben Lopez-Coto; orelgueta; Cyril Alispach; Julien Lefaucheur; Konstantin Pfrang; Moritz Hütten; thomasarmstrong; Alice Donini

What's Changed since v0.10.5

This is a major upgrade due to the removal of some deprecated and internally unused modules and functions. We also changed the default of CameraCalibrator.apply_waveform_timeshift and invalid configuration options will now raise an error, so some configs might need updates.

One major change is that the event sources now will adapt the subarray and trigger info if allowed_tels is used.

The default of

Breaking changes
  • Change default of CameraCalibrator.apply_waveform_timeshift to False (#1692) @maxnoe
  • Consistent use of allowed_tels (#1697) @LukasNickel
  • Raise error in CameraReadout.from_name if no corresponding file can be found (#1703) @maxnoe
  • Remove unused io modules, fixes #1527 (#1693) @maxnoe
  • Change definition of concentration_cog, fixes #1571 (#1572) @maxnoe
  • Transform warning into error for wrong config (#1658) @maxnoe
  • Remove charge resolution tools, fixes #1634 (#1646) @maxnoe
New features
  • Store package versions in provenance (#1685) @maxnoe
  • Store used simtel R1 calibration in event.monitoring (#1691) @maxnoe
  • Add start, stop, step to read_table (#1684) @maxnoe
  • Support http(s):// and dataset:// for path traitlet (#1638) @maxnoe
  • Add brightest_island function (#1587) @maxnoe
  • Allow specifying extractors per telescope, fixes #1660 (#1661) @maxnoe
  • Fix bugs in TwoPassWindowSum and define better unit-test (#1698) @HealthyPear
  • Use new random API (#1708) @maxnoe
  • Pin sphinx to 3.5 for now (#1709) @maxnoe
  • Allow appending of rows to existing tables in HDF5TableWriter, fixes #1655 (#1657) @maxnoe
Bug fixes / maintenance
  • Update documentation Makefile (#1705) @HealthyPear
  • Fix hillas intersection for "missing" telescope ids, fixes #1635 (#1702) @maxnoe
  • Update mailmap (#1700) @maxnoe
  • Fix two numpy deprecation warnings (#1704) @maxnoe
  • Fix pixel picking in mpl display, add test (#1701) @maxnoe
  • Fix dl1source (#1696) @LukasNickel
  • Make sure hdf5 file is closed when necessary in read_table, fixes #1694 (#1695) @maxnoe
  • Treat sphinx warnings as erros, fix deploy workflow name (#1686) @maxnoe
  • Do not use numba cache for lts_linear_fit (#1680) @maxnoe
  • Fix syntax typo in call of TwoPassWindowSum with 2ndPass disabled (#1681) @HealthyPear
  • Remove DL1Writer.setup, just properly initialize in init (#1667) @maxnoe
  • Fix codecov missing coverage for cli tools (#1652) @maxnoe
  • Use (#1659) @maxnoe
  • Require at least astropy 4.0.5, drop restriction to h5py 2.x (#1676) @maxnoe
  • Fix some documentation warnings (#1677) @HealthyPear
  • Create cache dir only when needed (#1670) @maxnoe
  • Use conda-forge channel in README and add some notes (#1671) @maxnoe
  • Update docstring (#1666) @vuillaut
  • Fix time_delta cleaning (#1656) @LukasNickel
  • Update badge to 0.10.5 (#1650) @maxnoe
  • Generalize URL for downloading test data (#1651) @HealthyPear
  • Update README.rst (#1647) @orelgueta

@HealthyPear, @LukasNickel, @maxnoe, @orelgueta and @vuillaut

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