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Psoriasis as netopathy. Model of pathogenesis with unique netosis role. Supplements at monograph.

Mikhail Peslyak; Nikolay Korotky

Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-ND.

This is Supplements to "Psoriasis as netopathy. Model of pathogenesis with unique netosis role."

There is Russian original of this text:  10.5281/zenodo.4733154  


A1.    Small intestine permeability at psoriasis.    
A2.    Small intestine microbiome at healthy persons, SIBO (without psoriasis) and psoriasis.    
  A2.1.    Small intestine microbiome (culture).    
  A2.2.    Small intestine microbiome (works of specialists from Ulyanovsk).    
  A2.3.    Helicobacter pylori, SIBO and psoriasis.    
  A2.4.    TLR4-activity of LPS.    
  A2.5.    Antibiotic treatment.    
  A2.6.    Role of fecal microbiome. Ileocecal valve dysfunction.    
  A2.7.    Small intestine metagenome.  Compartaments and composition.    
  A2.8.    REIMAGINE study.    
  A2.9.    Risk factors of SIBO.    
A3.    Bile acids role at psoriasis. Study results.    
A4.    PAMP-nemia and other changes in blood at psoriasis.    
A5.    Definition of concept of PAMP-loads on phagocytes.    
A6.    Pharynx microbiome at psoriasis. Study results.    
A7.    Bacterial metagenome of skin.    
A8.    Comparison Y-model and YN-model.    
A9.    Development phases of psoriatic plaque.    
  Phase N0. Prepsoriasis. Y-priming.    
  Phase N1. Prepsoriasis. Marker – homeostatic L1.    
  Phase N2. Prepsoriasis. Markers - L2 and L3r.    
  Phase N3. Prepsoriasis. Markers - L2 and L3.    
  Phase N4. Prepsoriasis. Markers – L2, L3 and L4.    
  Phase N5. Psoriasis. Markers  – L2, L3 and L8.    
  Phase N6. Prepsoriasis. Marker - L3.    
  Phase N7. Prepsoriasis. Markers – L3 and L4.    
  Phase N8. Psoriasis. Markers L3 and self-sufficient L8.    
  Phases. Additions.    
A10.    Bacterial products with chemokine properties and AMP.    
A11.    Bacterial products and AMP with chemokine properties, and also their ligands - chemokine receptors, involved in traffic of neutrophils and PDC.    
A12.    Chemokines and their ligands - chemokine receptors, involved in traffic of neutrophils.    35
A13.    Cytokines which are actively secreted by immunocytes in dermis.    
A14.    Figures in supplements    
A15.    Bibliography of supplements.

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