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Ethnic Features Of The Female Costume Of The Samarkand Region

Ochilova Shoira Sayfievna

The article undertook to study the specific ethnic and regional features of traditional women's clothing in the Samarkand region. The analysis of elements of the female costume of the medieval and later period of history is made. The differences in women's costumes are considered, which contributes to the understanding of the inner world, the worldview of the inhabitants of this region, since any person for the perception of ideas and views, studying his appearance, understanding where he comes from, what language he speaks. Samarkand was of great importance for the development of the culture of the region, as it was the crossroads of the cultures of the East and West, a link that connects the culture and spirituality of various ethnic groups and peoples. At the same time, there was a fusion, transformation in the consciousness, traditions, customs, and clothing of the peoples inhabiting this region. In the work, advanced methods of source analysis were used, which contributed to bringing this issue to a qualitatively new scientific and theoretical level.

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