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GlobBiomass dataset of forest biomass, Africa (25 m)

Santoro, Maurizio; Cartus, Oliver

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  <identifier identifierType="DOI">10.5281/zenodo.4725667</identifier>
      <creatorName>Santoro, Maurizio</creatorName>
      <nameIdentifier nameIdentifierScheme="ORCID" schemeURI="">0000-0002-3339-6991</nameIdentifier>
      <affiliation>Gamma Remote Sensing</affiliation>
      <creatorName>Cartus, Oliver</creatorName>
      <nameIdentifier nameIdentifierScheme="ORCID" schemeURI="">0000-0002-6890-1548</nameIdentifier>
      <affiliation>Gamma Remote Sensing</affiliation>
    <title>GlobBiomass dataset of forest biomass, Africa (25 m)</title>
    <subject>Earth Observation</subject>
    <subject>remote sensing</subject>
    <date dateType="Issued">2018-04-28</date>
  <resourceType resourceTypeGeneral="Dataset"/>
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    <relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType="DOI" relationType="IsSourceOf" resourceTypeGeneral="Dataset">10.1594/PANGAEA.894711</relatedIdentifier>
    <relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType="DOI" relationType="IsVersionOf">10.5281/zenodo.4725666</relatedIdentifier>
    <rights rightsURI="">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International</rights>
    <rights rightsURI="info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess">Open Access</rights>
    <description descriptionType="Abstract">&lt;p&gt;The dataset consists of a map of above ground forest biomass (AGB, unit: tons/ha i.e., Mg/ha) of the African continent for the year 2010 (raster dataset) with a pixel size of 25 m x 25 m. AGB is defined as the mass, expressed as oven-dry weight of the woody parts (stem, bark, branches and twigs) of all living trees excluding stump and roots. Per-pixel estimates of above-ground biomass uncertainty expressed as standard error in Mg/ha (raster dataset) are also provided.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;The AGB estimates were obtained from spaceborne SAR (ALOS PALSAR, Envisat ASAR), optical (Landsat-7), LiDAR (ICESAT), auxiliary datasets with multiple estimation procedures (Santoro et al., ESSDD, 2020).&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;In this repository, the AGB data are available in form of tiles of 2&amp;deg; x 2&amp;deg; for the African continent (bounding box:&amp;nbsp;longitude -26&amp;deg;E/+56&amp;deg;E latitude: -36&amp;deg;N/+38&amp;deg;N).&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;This dataset is the basis for the&amp;nbsp;official GlobBiomass dataset consisting of global estimates of forest biomass with 1 ha pixels (&lt;a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;). The dataset in this repository represents the original GlobBiomass dataset of AGB for Africa from which the official dataset was obtained after averaging from 25 m to 100 m.&amp;nbsp;Given the lower accuracy of the 25 m pixel-based estimates, it is recommended to use the official GlobBiomass dataset&amp;nbsp;unless detailed spatial resolution is a fundamental asset.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;Technical specifications are provided in the file README_GLOBBIOMASS_Africa_20210428.pdf&lt;/p&gt;</description>
    <description descriptionType="Other">{"references": ["Santoro, M., Cartus, O., Carvalhais, N., Rozendaal, D., Avitabilie, V., Araza, A., de Bruin, S., Herold, M., Quegan, S., Rodr\u00edguez Veiga, P., Balzter, H., Carreiras, J., Schepaschenko, D., Korets, M., Shimada, M., Itoh, T., Moreno Mart\u00ednez, \u00c1., Cavlovic, J., Cazzolla Gatti, R., da Concei\u00e7\u00e3o Bispo, P., Dewnath, N., Labri\u00e8re, N., Liang, J., Lindsell, J., Mitchard, E.T.A., Morel, A., Pacheco Pascagaza, A.M., Ryan, C.M., Slik, F., Vaglio Laurin, G., Verbeeck, H., Wijaya, A., Willcock, S., 2020. The global forest above-ground biomass pool for 2010 estimated from high-resolution satellite observations (preprint). Earth System Science Data Discussions,"]}</description>
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