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Software Package for the GECO Replication Package

Jung, Reiner

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	architecture-evaluation-tool/ Hypergraph-based analysis tooling
	geco-composition-language/ GECO assembly language and framework
	irl/ Instrumentation record and aspect languages of the Kieker project


Primary Sources

Kieker IRL and IAL github repository

Hypergraph-based architecture evaluation tool

GECO generator assembly language and framework

Compilation Requirements

All three tools are developed and tested with

	Eclipse Mars rev 1 (2015)
	Xtext 2.9 toolchain

The GECO framework has additional optional dependencies to

	org.eclipse.m2m.atl.common 3.6.0
	org.eclipse.m2m.atl.emftvm 3.6.0
	org.eclipse.m2m.qvt.oml    3.5.0

which are used for the ATL and QVT abstract fragment classes used to integrate ATL and QVT generator fragments.


The complete code is published under Apache License, 2.0

  <dc:title>Software Package for the GECO Replication Package</dc:title>
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