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Cataloguing Creative Informatics Projects: First Report (2018 - 2020)

Elsden, Chris; Lechelt, Susan; Jenkins, Adam; Helgason, Ingi; Panneels, Inge; Thornton, Pip; Orme, Anna; Osborne, Nicola; Chan, Kam; Turner, Michaela; Upton, Liam; Rovatsos, Michael; Jones, Candace; Schafer, Burkhard; Smyth, Michael; Speed, Chris; Terras, Melissa

Creative Informatics is a research and development programme that supports work across Edinburgh’s Creative Industries engaging with Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) - a cornerstone of the UK’s industrial strategy for growth in the digital economy. This 5-year project supports a vast array of individuals and projects in the Creative Industries in engaging with DDI, through offering them funding and access to upskilling initiatives. The programme includes providing monetary support for individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as ‘Resident Entrepreneurs’ – to develop new data-driven services and products; ‘Challenge Projects’ -– where creative and cultural organisations present challenges in need of a data-driven or digital solution; and Connected Innovators – an opportunity to support emerging leaders to advance their careers and businesses through data-driven innovation. 

Over its five year lifespan, Creative Informatics plans to fund more than 100 projects that engage with real world challenges in the Creative Industries. Projects can span multiple contexts and disciplines – all of the Creative Industries and all manner of digital technology; some last only 3 months, others can take up to 2 years; some will succeed and rapidly gain external investment, others will quickly pivot away from their original ideas, or will not be taken any further after the funding period. This presents a vast and demanding opportunity for academic research. As researchers, we sought a way to make sense of this varied array through a process of cataloguing the funded projects. 

Focussed on projects funded and initiated in the first two years of the Creative Informatics cluster, we have systematically catalogued 44 of the projects that Creative Informatics has funded, based on their initial (and extensive) funding applications.

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