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UNISECO H2020 issue brief: Η πορεία της παραγωγής ροδακίνων προς τη βιωσιμότητα: βελτίωση της αποδοτικότητας με εισροές και πρακτικές φιλικές προς το περιβάλλον

Smyrniotopoulou, Alexandra; Vlahos, George; Iordanidis, Ioannis

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  "title": "UNISECO H2020 issue brief: \u0397 \u03c0\u03bf\u03c1\u03b5\u03af\u03b1 \u03c4\u03b7\u03c2 \u03c0\u03b1\u03c1\u03b1\u03b3\u03c9\u03b3\u03ae\u03c2 \u03c1\u03bf\u03b4\u03b1\u03ba\u03af\u03bd\u03c9\u03bd \u03c0\u03c1\u03bf\u03c2 \u03c4\u03b7 \u03b2\u03b9\u03c9\u03c3\u03b9\u03bc\u03cc\u03c4\u03b7\u03c4\u03b1: \u03b2\u03b5\u03bb\u03c4\u03af\u03c9\u03c3\u03b7 \u03c4\u03b7\u03c2 \u03b1\u03c0\u03bf\u03b4\u03bf\u03c4\u03b9\u03ba\u03cc\u03c4\u03b7\u03c4\u03b1\u03c2 \u03bc\u03b5 \u03b5\u03b9\u03c3\u03c1\u03bf\u03ad\u03c2 \u03ba\u03b1\u03b9 \u03c0\u03c1\u03b1\u03ba\u03c4\u03b9\u03ba\u03ad\u03c2 \u03c6\u03b9\u03bb\u03b9\u03ba\u03ad\u03c2 \u03c0\u03c1\u03bf\u03c2 \u03c4\u03bf \u03c0\u03b5\u03c1\u03b9\u03b2\u03ac\u03bb\u03bb\u03bf\u03bd", 
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  "abstract": "<p>Issue brief of the Greek case study in the H2020 UNISECO project.</p>\n\n<p>UNISECO is a European research project aiming to develop innovative approaches to enhance the understanding of socio-economic and policy drivers and barriers for further development and implementation of agro-ecological practices in EU farming systems. Learn more about the project: <a href=\"\"></a></p>\n\n<p>This project has received funding from the European Union&#39;s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773901.</p>\n\n<p>This publication reflects only the authors&#39; view and that the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.</p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "Smyrniotopoulou, Alexandra"
      "family": "Vlahos, George"
      "family": "Iordanidis, Ioannis"
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  "id": "4701712"
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