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Energy-Innovation/eps-us: eps-3.2.0-us

Jeff Rissman; mkmahajan; oashmoore; Robbie Orvis; Todd Fincannon; Energy Innovation

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  <dc:creator>Jeff Rissman</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Robbie Orvis</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Todd Fincannon</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Energy Innovation</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>eps-3.2.0-us - Apr. 19, 2021

New Features
Added more detail to the Industry Category subscript, increasing the number of separately broken out industries from 8 to 25
Added new policy lever to enable mandated power plant retirement schedule 
Improved methodology for calculating the maximum amounts of power plant capacity and vehicles that can be deployed in a given year by implementing logit functions
Simplified input data requirements by removing energy suppliers from input variables and using internal calculations instead
Enabled new web app graph for carbon emissions by power plant type
Included new documentation, including guidance on all output graphs

Data Updates
Switched to using the AEO High Oil and Gas Supply scenario, which has historically tracked natural gas prices more closely
Data in input variables based on EIA Annual Energy Outlook updated to use AEO 2021 values, which includes estimated impacts from COVID-19
Updated the first simulated year to 2020
Recategorized the freight vehicle categories to group light-duty and medium-duty vehicles together and separately report heavy-duty vehicles
Updated BAU LULUCF emissions and N2O process emissions to match the latest EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory 
Updated to latest version of PRIMAP database (v2.1), used for process CO2 emissions in indst/BPE
Removed BAU Low Carbon Fuel Standard values 
Updated vehicle prices based on more current sources 
Updated international fuel prices
Other minor input data updates

Bug fixes
Fix equation for calculating aircraft fuel switching under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard policy
Fix small bug in cash flow calculations for electricity sector variable and fixed O&amp;M costs

  <dc:title>Energy-Innovation/eps-us: eps-3.2.0-us</dc:title>
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