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ranghetti/sen2rts: Version 0.4.0

Luigi Ranghetti

First sen2rts beta version.

  • Complete function assign_season().
  • Patch PhenoDeriv() (function imported from package phenopix) to support the definition of relative slopes (this feature will be better documented in future).
  • In cut_cycles(), bot methods based on argument min_h and on Meroni et al. (2021) can now be used.
  • Edits to Savitzky-Golay filter:
    1. spikes are removed only if the quality of the vertex is lower than the averaged quality of other points;
    2. points corresponding to missing dates are interpolated with approx() instead than put to 0;
    3. points with qa < min_qa are removed and not yet interpolated (no more necessary). Problem still present: in Savitzky-Golay filter, left and right borders are interpolated without considering the point quality.
  • In smooth_s2ts(), add the possibility to skip spike removal.
  • In smooth_s2ts(), exclude low values before removing spikes (to avoid errors).
  • Write the vignette "The sen2rts workflow" describing a complete use case.
  • Complete reference documentation adding examples.
  • Add a small data set in the package to support documentation.
  • Move {ggplot2} from suggested to imported dependencies (so to facilitate tests and examples).
Changes in default values
  • read_s2cube() is now load_s2paths().
  • In smooth_s2ts(), sg_daywindow = 15 instead than 9.
Bug fixes
  • Fix problems in plot colour ramps.
  • Fix package checks.
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