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Die Serie der »Selbstbildnisse« im Jahr 1919 von Paul Klee

Kakinuma, Marie

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  "description": "<p>In trying to define a new artistic orientation after the First World War, in May 1919, Klee worked in a more concentrated fashion than ever before on self-portraits. The ensuing series of self-portraits includes the well known\u00a0<em>Thinking Artist</em>,\u00a0<em>Feeling Artist</em>,\u00a0<em>Pondering Artist</em>,\u00a0<em>Creating Artist</em>\u00a0and\u00a0<em>Absorption</em>. In the present text, not only these works, which have been discussed in the Klee literature previously will be considered, but also the subsequently registerd works in Klees \u0152uvrelkatalog<em>, Mask</em>\u00a0and\u00a0<em>Mister Sol</em>\u00a0and its verso image \u00bbself-portrait\u00ab, which can be regarded in an extended sense as allegories of the artist. Through a comparison of\u00a0<em>Absorption</em>\u00a0to\u00a0<em>Mister Sol</em>, as well as the verso image \u00bbself-portrait\u00ab, it will be shown how Klee deepened the exploration of his self and how he visualized this. This analysis of the recto-verso picture\u00a0<em>Mister Sol</em>\u00a0throws a new light on the understanding of the series of self-portraits of 1919.</p>", 
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  "headline": "Die Serie der \u00bbSelbstbildnisse\u00ab im Jahr 1919 von Paul Klee", 
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    "Paul Klee, Self Portrait, 1919, The Thinker,"
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  "name": "Die Serie der \u00bbSelbstbildnisse\u00ab im Jahr 1919 von Paul Klee"
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