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Plot-Boundary-Extraction: First Release

Atena Haghighattalab

The first release of plot boundary extraction using field-map excel sheet (.csv) for High through put phenotyping

To use this scrip, you need to reformat the field map in order to simulate the plots in the field; the first row of the excel sheet is the length (or width, depending on how plots are located in the field) of the plots, and the first column is the width (or length). Each cell in the excel sheet is then filled with the plot ID. To define the geographic extent of the field, the python script asks for the coordinate of two points in the field: the start point of the first plot on the top right and the end point of the last plot on the bottom left. Then it starts from the top right and builds the first polygon using the defined plot size, and skips the gap between plots and generates the next one until it gets to the last plot on the bottom left.
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