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stilist/ Release 1.0.11

Jordan Cole

  • Manage DNS using Namecheap Terraform module
  • Use CloudFront's managed cache and origin-request policies
  • Split Terraform code into multiple files
  • Add Lambda@Edge function to apply security headers -- note this code almost works, but fails with Update the IAM policy to add permission: lambda:EnableReplication* for resource: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:<account id>:function:inject-headers:7 and try again. and I give up on chasing obscure errors
  • Add debug CSS/JS
  • Add tag pages
  • Add and update metadata on some entries
  • Add and enhance content for 1583 from 'A True and Faithful Relation' (scrying sessions are still absent)
  • Add EditorConfig so Visual Studio Code stops indenting things by four spaces
  • Add data files for all places mentioned during Dee's trip to Kraków
  • Add place pages, which render a static map using MapBox
  • Add place_link.html include
  • Add place.rb, like person.rb, to manage code for a place
  • Make map tile use the full width of the content area
  • Add support for bounding box to place.rb
  • Add structured data to place page
  • Tag alternateNames on person page
  • Add a bit of commentary
  • Add .github/FUNDING.yaml for sponsorship
  • Upgrade Terraform aws provider
  • Move Terraform code from terraform/aws to terraform
  • Move HistoricalDiary::SourceMaterialGenerator side-effect code to separate method
  • Use day_page_link partial on person page
  • Separate DayPage and YearPage into individual generators
  • Remove direct kramdown-parser-gfm dependency
  • Rearrange _config.yml
  • Refactor HistoricalDiary::DayPage to render documents directly instead of via site.pages -- this avoids rendering each source-material item as a standalone page in addition to interpolation in day pages
  • Adjust @media queries to only apply to screen
  • Don't force Bundler to install into vendor/bundle
  • Use place_link.html include on day page instead of just listing keys
  • Refactor HistoricalDiary::Place's map rendering to a separate HistoricalDiary::MapTile class
  • Rename static_map_tile to static_map_html
  • Tag 'DOI' as an abbreviation
  • De-duplicate tags listed on day page
  • Restore avatars on day pages
  • Fix bug that would incorrectly highlight avatars without associated data
  • Move CSS file's @charset to the first line of the file -- required by the standard
  • Change file's extension from .md to .txt to avoid interpreting indentation as 'this is code'
  • Update some incorrect place tags
  • Replace `` to make links work
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