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A collaborative approach to preserving at-risk open access journals

Mitchell, Dominic

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    "description": "<p>In the September 2020 preprint &ldquo;Open is not forever&rdquo;, (Laakso et al.) discuss the high number of Open Access journals that&nbsp;disappear from the web. It is a known problem in the digital preservation world that long-tail journals are especially at-risk of&nbsp;disappearing. Five leading parties are now collaborating to address this problem: the Directory of Open Access Journals&nbsp;(DOAJ), CLOCKSS, Internet Archive, the Public Knowledge Project Preservation Network (PKP PN), and International ISSN /&nbsp;Keepers Registry. Building from the existing DOAJ infrastructure, we are establishing a central hub where preservation&nbsp;agencies can harvest consistent metadata, and access full-text. Each of the preservation partners offers somewhat different&nbsp;solutions for publishers to preserve their content. The project will offer free and low-cost options for preservation and access. In the first phase, the target is&nbsp;diamond OA journals (those with no author processing charges), because these are the journals that are least likely to&nbsp;participate in a preservation service and hence are most at-risk of disappearing. The project is currently coordinating technical designs, service development, infrastructure, and sustainability planning.</p>", 
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    "title": "A collaborative approach to preserving at-risk open access journals", 
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