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stilist/ Release 1.0.10

Jordan Cole

  • Add dates_for_source, hash_keys, sort_hash, and sorted_people_keys Liquid filters
  • Add Person class to centralize functionality
  • Link all people and sources from home page
  • Note how many times each person appears in entries (based on people key)
  • Link relevant dates on source pages
  • Begin adding biography for John Dee from Charlotte Fell Smith's book 'John Dee'
  • Add some people data
  • Continue adding entries and letters
  • Tag people, places, and source material in lots of entries
  • Adjust people_avatar include and Person#name_initials to handle people keys that don't have a corresponding data file
  • Display places, sources, and tags on date pages
  • Add information for several sources
  • Refactor people include into people_avatars and person_avatar includes
  • Redefine person_initials and person_name Liquid filters to use Person class
  • Rename attribute_from_record Liquid filter to attribute_from_object_or_source_record
  • Refactor mla_citation Liquid filter to use attribute_from_object_or_source_record
  • Wrap source material in <blockquote> tag, to consistently indicate quoted text
  • Convert additional properties from physical to logical: margin, padding, height, width, bottom, top
  • Update styling to follow vertical rhythm
  • Change transcludes.html to not use Markdown
  • Change transcludes.html structured-data structure to match entry.html
  • Rename _lib/collections.rb to _lib/data_collection.rb to match its module name
  • Move 'Autobiographical Tracts' information from 'commentary' data to 'context', which is more appropriate
  • Change Jekyll cache directory to _cache.nosync
  • Rewrite HistoricalDiary::SourceMaterialGenerator to use Jekyll's cache system -- jekyll build now takes me between 16 seconds and 18 seconds instead of between 23 seconds and 25 seconds if the cache is primed (22%-31% faster), and the code is clearer
  • HistoricalDiary::SourceMaterialGenerator now understands filenames with comma-separated dates (for example, _source_material/the private diary of dr john dee/1564-03-01, will appear on both 1564-03-01 and 1593-03-01)
  • HistoricalDiary::SourceMaterialGenerator now extracts places and sources from source material, in addition to people and tags
  • Update theme_color setting
  • Person class strips unknown -- from person keys
  • Improve structure of person and source pages
  • Fix CSS selector for highlighted person avatar
  • Adjust DataCollection#data_collection_record to handle the case that the collection_name collection doesn't have a match for key
  • Adjust HistoricalDiary::ManipulateDataGenerator to handle case that source doesn't have an editions hash
  • Remove get_author_key Liquid filter -- its function is better done with the attribute_from_object_or_source_record filter
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