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Contract Understanding Atticus Dataset (CUAD) v1

The Atticus Project

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  "description": "<p>Contract Understanding Atticus Dataset (CUAD) v1 is a corpus of more than 13,000 labels in 510 commercial legal contracts that have been manually labeled by <a href=\"\">The Atticus Project</a>&nbsp;to identify 41 categories of important clauses that lawyers look for when reviewing contracts.</p>\n\n<p>We tested CUAD v1 against ten&nbsp;pretrained AI models and published the results on arXiv&nbsp;<a href=\"\">here</a>.</p>\n\n<p>ReadMe and Datasheet are published <a href=\"\">here</a>. Code for replicating the results, together with the model trained on CUAD, is published on Github <a href=\"\">here</a>.&nbsp;</p>", 
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      "name": "The Atticus Project"
  "headline": "Contract Understanding Atticus Dataset (CUAD) v1", 
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  "datePublished": "2021-03-11", 
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  "@type": "ScholarlyArticle", 
  "name": "Contract Understanding Atticus Dataset (CUAD) v1"
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