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structure-from-motion: 1.0.0

Jurriaan H. Spaaks; Niels Drost; Jason Maassen

This repo contains a complete Structure from Motion pipeline. Structure from Motion is a technique to construct a 3-D point cloud from a set of images (or a video) of an object. The software in this repository relies heavily on a number of third party libaries, notably Bundler, CMVS, PMVS, and SIFT.

  • Go here for the installation instructions;
  • A conceptual overview of the pipeline is documented here;
  • The current pipeline has many options that can be configured. This document describes which option does what and how it affects the characteristics of the resulting point cloud;
  • This document lists a couple of key people, their websites, and tools;
  • Here we describe some ideas we never found time to look into;
  • You can run the pipeline with docker using this image. Find the instructions here.

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