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The Current Education System is Outdated

Logan Ely

In today's society, the education system built in the Industrial Revolution is obsolete. Our technology has changed so much, but our educational system has remained the same. We still use the classroom-based and antiquated grading system. There is a big difference between the latest smartphone and the phone from a hundred years ago. But comparing a classroom now with a classroom a century ago, you can't see much difference. Gadgets upgrade every year. The fastest computer now may not be the fastest after a year.  That's because we live in a world where technology is ever-changing. 

The grading system is putting a lot of pressure on students. The basis for students' worth is how much they spend on studying and not on how creative or innovative they are. They spend hours and hours to prepare for an exam, so they can pass and move up to the next level. Policymakers without teaching experiences are setting certain standards and practices for our education. These lawmakers built a school system that does not cater to creative minds. Rather, it requires the students to follow and have the same way of thinking. You don't belong to school if you think outside of the box. Now you know why successful people dropped out of school. The school failed them.

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