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Self-assembly of porphyrin nanostructures at the interface between two immiscible liquids

Molina-Osorio, Andrés F.; Cheung, David; O'Dwyer, Colm; Stewart, Andrew A.; Dossot, Manuel; Herzog, Grégoire; Scanlon, Micheál D.

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  note         = {{This publication has emanated from research by 
                   M.D.S. and A.F.M.-O. supported by the European
                   Research Council through a Starting Grant
                   (agreement no. 716792) and in part by a research
                   grant from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) (grant
                   number 13/SIRG/2137). M.D.S. and A.F.M.–O.
                   acknowledge funding through Irish Research Council
                   New Foundations Awards (2014 and 2015) to
                   facilitate the research. A.M.O., M.D.S., G.H. and
                   M.D. are grateful to the support of the Irish
                   Research Council and Campus France for travel
                   support between the French and Irish groups
                   through their joint ULYSSES programme. G. H. is
                   grateful to the French Programme Investissement
                   d'Avenir (PIA) "Lorraine Université d'Excellence"
                   (Reference No. ANR-15-IDEX-04-LUE) for the partial
                   financial support of this work. C.O.D.
                   acknowledges support from Science Foundation
                   Ireland (SFI) under Grant Numbers 13/TIDA/E2761,
                   14/IA/2581 and 15/TIDA/2893. Computational
                   facilities and support for the molecular dynamics
                   simulations were provided by the Irish Centre for
                   High-End Computing (ICHEC). Ivan Robayo-Molina
                   (University of Limerick) is acknowledged for
                   assistance in carrying out the potentiometric
  doi          = {10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c00437},
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