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Open Science Incentives for Researchers: The Role of Societies and Organizations

Bourg, Chris; Tananbaum, Greg; Yeston, Jake; Stall, Shelley

This seminar is part of a series to provide societies and their journals with information and resources to help their communities be more knowledgeable and prepared to share data (and software) in a way that is relevant and meaningful for each discipline.  This is a 12-month series.

Following the planned presentation, participants will have ~30 minutes of Q&A and discussion specific to society engagement to improve data sharing, credit, and transparency.

Open Science Incentives for Researchers: The Role of Societies and Organizations

5 March 2021, 10am ET (1500 UTC)


    Jake Yeston, AAAS/Science


   Greg Tananbaum, Open Research Funders Group 
   Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Seminar Recording:

Resources referenced during the presentation:

Open Science Success Stories,

MIT Open Access Task Force:

MIT Framework:

MIT Research Data Principles:

Concerns about opening up data, and responses which have proved effective (or “How to make friends and get them to give you their data”),   

Data Communities: A New Model for Supporting STEM Data Sharing,

Make Data Count initiative, where we are building the social and technical infrastructure for including research data in responsible research assessment,

RDA SHARC Interest Group (Sharing rewards and credit),, Publication: FAIRness Literacy: The Achilles’ Heel of Applying FAIR Principles,   

Colavizza G, Hrynaszkiewicz I, Staden I, Whitaker K, McGillivray B (2020) The citation advantage of linking publications to research data. PLoS ONE 15(4): e0230416.

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Scholix: A Framework for Scholarly Link eXchange,

Publisher Data Availability Policies is

American Society of Civil Engineering-The Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management has a new reproducible results policy (Dec 2020). Free open access for papers with verified reproducible results. Awards for authors and reproducible reviewers. Badges. Special Collection. See

Rewards and Incentives for Open Science,  

ESIP Research Artifact Citation Cluster is looking at various roles that need to be credited for different types of research artifacts (data, software, physical samples, etc.) -

Thank you to seminar series collaborators: 

  • AAAS/Science 
  • American Astronomical Society 
  • American Geophysical Union  
  • American Meteorological Society, Board on Data Stewardship 
  • Council of Scientific Society Presidents 
  • Federation of American Societies For Experimental Biology 
  • Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences 
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Thank you to the National Science Foundation for their support: Grant ID 1838990

Special thank you to Laura Lyon of AGU and her support organizing and managing this seminar.n
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