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D4.3 Transparency dashboard and control panel release V2

Raschke, Philip; Drozd, Olha; Bos, Bert

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  "description": "<p>WP4 started at month nine of the project, i.e. September 2017, and this deliverable is written and submitted in month 25 of the project, i.e. January 2019. The first version of this deliverable (D4.1 Transparency dashboard and control panel release V1) was submitted in month 16 of the project, i.e.&nbsp; Version 2 of the deliverable extends Version 1 and documents our efforts taken since the beginning of WP4 until now to fulfil the tasks T4.1 Transparency dashboard and control panel and T4.2 Consent engine and feedback mechanism. During that time, we developed a first prototype for the dashboard that was evaluated within a first user study and multiple consent interfaces that are currently evaluated via multiple user tests.</p>\n\n<p>The remainder of this document is structured as follows: in Chapter 2 the objectives and overall scope of WP4 are discussed, followed by a description of the scope of this deliverable. In Chapter 3 concepts are presented and discussed. Subsequently, Chapter 4 presents the developed prototype of the dashboard, and the chapters 5 and 6, which present multiple approaches for consent interfaces. Finally, a summary and conclusion are given including an outlook on the planned next steps.</p>", 
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      "name": "Bos, Bert"
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