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OpenEMS/openems: 2021.4.0

Stefan Feilmeier; wgerbl; ebakir; fabianfnc; huseyinsaht; pooran-c; Max Obermeier; sebastianasen; Sagar; Kyle; luzpaz; Lisa Kaindl; ahummelsberger; lukas-bender-rodriguez; Christian Lehne; AlexanderHollandFenecon; Leonid Verhovskij; Martin Grüning; greemo; Denis Jasselette; Andreas Fischer; Anita4Schmid; Ante Braovic; JohannesHundschell; WolfgangMiethaner; angular-cli; denis-jidovtseff-jc; fgarlin


  • Implementation of Advanced Battery Protection algorithms (#1376)
    • The "Battery-Protection" implementation serves as an addition to low-level battery management systems (BMS). It allows a fine grained definition of battery protection parameters and handles logics that are shared between different BMS implementations.
  • Implementation of a new Prediction architecture (#1327)
    • This new Predictor architecture uses modular Predictors, e.g. implementation of the Predictor24Hours. These Predictors can announce for which channels they allow a prediction and provide a Prediction24Hours result.
    • The entire process of getting a prediction is handled by the PredictorManager. It knows which actual Predictors to ask for their prediction, post-processes these predictions and returns them either directly in code via the Predictor::get24HoursPrediction() method or via a get24HoursPrediction JSON-RPC request to the _predictorManager component.
    • developed within the EMSIG project:
Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  • Simulator: BatteryDummy - add missing StartStoppable channels (#1392) Thanks @clehne
  • Migrate from Travis CI to GitHub Actions (#1397)
  • Improve OpenEMS documentation (#1399)
  • Update dependencies:
    • Gradle fcc65407ef0f95450e1ba7488d584d7644e23038
    • pax-logging-log4j1 from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7 (#1396) to 2.0.8 (#1400)
    • postgresql from 42.2.18 to 42.2.19 (#1394)
    • HikariCP from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 (#1390)
    • jna from 5.6.0 to 5.7.0 (#1386)
    • UI dependencies 656af5de02becd87951afa54303d50112885067a
  • BatteryProtection definition for Soltaro Single B (#1376); also:
    • Add new features to PolyLine for type safe and fluent calls
    • Add TypeUtils min and multiply for type Double
    • Add custom Callbacks to ComponentTest-Framework
    • Add TypeUtils to convert safely from Integer/Float to Double
    • TypeUtils.assertNull() throws an IllegalArgumentException; adapt OperatingSystemDebianSystemd-Service accordingly
    • Cleanup and apply autoformat
    • improve null-handling in OpenemsComponent
    • Improve State-Machine logging
    • Sinexcel: ignore active power < 100 W
    • Reuse AllowedChargeDischargeHandler for Sinexcel-ESS
  • Evcs cluster SelfConsumption Patch 354e874c28236aad40e3acc1b9aa3193d2ebd994

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