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3 Simple Secrets To Writing Articles For Money

Esther Sheen

Interested in writing articles for money? Well, the first thing you need to be aware of is that it’s often a numbers game. You’ve got to produce a steady stream of articles to maximize the return on your time investment. To accomplish this, you’ll need a simple and straightforward approach to writing articles or essay writing service can help you with this mission in case you don’t want to write texts yourself. .

Articles attract customers and that’s the best traffic you can get. This traffic can apply to selling your own products, earning advertising revenues from a content site, or generating affiliate commissions by promoting other people’s products.

Keep it simple and you’re more inclined to put forth those daily actions because you’ll be able to shift into article writing gear without first stopping to think about it.

The easiest method I’ve found is to have a large list of potential article topics ready to roll. When you’re in a creative mindset, review your list and snag as many article topics as you can comfortably map out in a single session. With a simple framework in hand, crafting a few meaningful paragraphs is a breeze. This is a big part of customwritings  review for money consistently. If it’s too much work, most people will avoid it. But having a simple outline makes it super easy – and fast.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s best to start small with 3-5 articles at a time and expand as you get comfortable using this method of writing. Take your articles one at a time and flesh out the content. I’ll show you several ways to do this in another article. Having a rough idea of what you want to communicate gives you some substance to work with. With a few written details about each article, whether in the form of single words, symbols, or point-form essentials, you essentially have a map of each article in hand. Now you’re ready to write.

Allow extra time for editing, polishing and posting to article directories. And have several resource boxes ready so you can simply plug them into any article and modify to suit, if desired. When you have a collection of resources to draw from, it’s just a matter of connecting the dots.

There are 3 keys to achieving maximum article productivity in minimum time. They are:

1. Use templates to automate article writing wherever possible
2. Create a simple map, framework, or outline for each article
3. Write as fast as you can for a set time period only

We’ll explore each of these keys and others as well. Having the capability to turn out article after article on demand is the underlying concept of writing articles for profit. But you also need to deliver helpful information, whether a particular article is destined for an article directory or your own site. Quality, unique content clearly communicated to a targeted prospect is the essence of a powerful and effective article that can really pay off.

Include frequently searched for keywords and you help shape your articles to fit what those in your niche market are seeking. This is important because these are the exact words prospects use when searching for information on the topic. By speaking their language, you’re building a bridge of trust and comfort for the people you want to reach.

Additionally, the effective use of those keyword terms within your article can often boost your exposure through higher rankings for your article in the search engines.

The key to writing articles for maximum money is to go deep and that means using “long-tail” keyword terms. These are multiple word terms — typically 3-5, but potentially as many as 10 words in length. These longer keyword phrases have far less competition, so it’s easier to rank higher for those terms.  And they tend to attract a better quality of prospect too.

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