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Istithnā' (Exception) From The Perspective of The Scholars of Uṣūl

AĞA, Serkan

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  "publisher": "Zenodo", 
  "DOI": "10.5281/zenodo.4537164", 
  "container_title": "Theosophia", 
  "language": "tur", 
  "title": "Istithn\u0101' (Exception) From The Perspective of The Scholars of U\u1e63\u016bl", 
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  "abstract": "<p><em>Istithn\u0101&#39; </em>(exception)<em> </em>is a subbranch of the <em>u\u1e63\u016bl al-fiqh</em> which is one of the basic Islamic studies. Generally, <em>Istisn\u0101&#39;</em> has been studied under the title of &lsquo;<em>Adilla-i Muttasila&rsquo;</em> which mostly allocated <em>\u0101&#39;mm</em> (general) in the classical <em>u\u1e63\u016bl al-fiqh</em> books.&nbsp; In this study, <em>Istithn\u0101&#39; </em>is examined as a <em>fiqh</em> term, both literally and its reflection in the rulings, from the perspective of the scholars of <em>u\u1e63\u016bl</em>. While doing this, we discussed the concept of <em>istithn\u0101&#39;</em>, the parts and conditions of it, whether the allocation can be made with the <em>istithn\u0101&#39;</em>, and the varying forms of it depending on the context. Thus, we have been examined the effect of <em>istithn\u0101&#39; </em>on the rulings according to the <em>u\u1e63\u016bl al-fiqh</em> scholars.</p>\n\n<p><a href=\"\"></a></p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "A\u011eA, Serkan"
  "page": "35-52", 
  "note": "Citation/\u00a9: . A\u011fa, S. (2020). Us\u00fblc\u00fclere G\u00f6re \u0130stisn\u00e2. Theosophia, 1, 35-52.", 
  "type": "article-journal", 
  "issue": "1", 
  "id": "4537164"
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