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douglasdavis/pygram11: 0.11.0

Doug Davis

  • API change: functions calls with weights=None now return None as the second return. Previously the uncertainty was returned (which is just the square-root of the bin heights); now users can take the square-root themselves, and the back-end does not waste cycles tracking the uncertainty since it's trivial for unweighted histograms.
  • More types are supported without conversions (previously np.float64 and np.float32 were the only supported array types, and we converted input). Now singed and unsigned integer input (both 64 and 32 bit) are supported.
    • If unsupported array types are used TypeError is now raised. This library prioritizes performance; hidden performance hits are explicitly avoided.
  • Configurable thresholds have been introduced to configure when OpenMP acceleration is used (described in the documentation).
  • The back-end was refactored with some help from boost::mp11 to aid in adding more type support without introducing more boilerplate. We now vendor boost::mp11 as a submodule.
  • Bumped the vendored pybind11 submodule to v2.6.2.
  • C++14 now required to build from source.
  • Added Apple Silicon support for Python 3.9 with libomp from Homebrew installed at /opt/homebrew.
  • Documentation improvements
  • Renamed master branch to main.

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