All notable changes to Searchkit will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

For each release, use the following sub-sections:

  • Added (for new features)
  • Changed (for changes in existing functionality)
  • Deprecated (for soon-to-be removed features)
  • Removed (for now removed features)
  • Fixed (for any bug fixes)
  • Security (in case of vulnerabilities)

[2.3.1] - 2021-02-11



  • Removed the ability to enable analytics using the PASC_ELASTICSEARCH_URL environment variable (#282)


  • Fixed Searchkit breaking when selecting a study language using the "Study description available in" links (#279)

[2.3.0] - 2021-02-09



  • Add an about page with links to the documentation, this replaces the advanced search popup (#259)
  • Use a localised field derived from the country ISO code for the country filter (#252)
  • Add missing translations for language.notAvailable.field (#250)
  • Move the language selector into the search box, and add the total number of studies to the interface (#241)
  • Reintroduce translation support, localise "Not Available" (#235)
  • Whitelist styling HTML tags (#226)
  • Add link to the CESSDA Topics Classification CV (#208)
  • Add option to set default language as part of endpoint specification (#192)
  • Make the keywords and topics clickable in the detail view (#175)
  • Added Code of Conduct (#174)
  • Add tooltip attributions to CVS and ELSST on the study detail page (#173)
  • Added highlighting for searched terms in the search results page (#145)


  • Updated the tooltips for the search filters (#266)
  • Keep all sections visible in the study details page at all times (#263)
  • Add a minimum results score to prevent irrelevant matches from being returned by Elasticsearch (#258)
  • Rename "Go to publisher" to "Access data" (#254)
  • Improve the semantics of the HTML on the detail page (#245)
  • Change the default search operator to be AND (#242)
  • Include all fields in the search, except for the fields the CDC user group wants to exclude (#238)
  • Fixed various React.js warnings present in development mode (#232)
  • Applied Elasticsearch boosts at query time (#224)
    • This is due to the depreciation of index-time boosting
  • Added a link to the document landing page in the footer (#220)
  • Fix warnings from the ZAP scanning report (#218)
  • Fixed translations not being applied to the sorting selector (#215)
  • Apply eslint suggested fixes (#203)
  • Update Searchkit dependencies (#198)
  • Update Elasticsearch to 5.6 (#188)
  • Always show the extra metadata at the bottom of each result (#165)
  • UI and metadata languages, search box (#164)


  • Remove the data file language from the detail page (#255)
  • Remove the Elasticsearch proxy (#237)
  • Fix HTML tags appearing in various sections of the detail page (#226)
  • Remove unnecessary filtering in the default request (#217)
  • Remove "Not available" if no PID agency is present (#156)

[2.2.1] - 2020-05-04

Searchkit - 10.5281/zenodo.3786300


  • French language index


  • default results sorting order (from relevance to collection date descending) (#163)
  • various UI label changes (#153)), (#154)


  • N/A


  • Norwegian language index


  • compiler warnings, as recommended by Error Prone
  • issues reported by SonarQube
  • test data to match changes made to the expected conditions ('not available' -> 'Agency not available')


  • N/A