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belfast-group-site: Belfast Group Poetry|Networks website initial release

Rebecca Sutton Koeser; Brian Croxall; Kevin Glover

Source code and data for the initial release of the Belfast Group Poetry|Networks website, July 2015.

RDF data and network graphs generated as part of this release and used to run the site are available for download. The website includes a detailed description of the steps involved in harvesting and processing the RDF data and generating the network graphs.

Available files:

  • belfastrdf_harvestonly.rdf.gz - RDF dump of the harvested data, before any cleaning, smushing, or inferences are added, as a record of the data at the time it was harvested (gzipped).
  • belfastrdf_full.rdf.gz - RDF dump of the full site RDF database after all processing is complete, which includes cleaning, smushing, and inferred relationships and types (gzipped)
  • belfastgroup.gexf - a network graph of the Belfast Group based on all relationships in the data, viewable at
  • belfastgroup-groupsheets.gexf a network graph of the Belfast Group in its two phases, based on authorship and ownership of Group sheets, viewable at

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