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mulTree: v1.2

Thomas Guillerme; Kevin Healy

  • 2016/01/22 - v1.2
    • complete new architectural structure!
    • all the functions are now unit tested!
    • all manuals are now written in Roxygen2 format!
    • many functions arguments names have been modified, please check individual functions manual.
    • rTreeBind is renamed to tree.bind.
    • In as.mulTree, the argument species is now taxa.
    • mulTree output: when output chain name already exists in current directory, the function now asks if user wants to overwrite the existing files.
    • In read.mulTree, the argument mulTree.mcmc is now mulTree.chain.
    • In summary.mulTree, the argument mulTree.mcmc is now mulTree.results and the argument CI is now prob.
    • summary.mulTree now outputs a c("matrix", "mulTree") class object.
    • In plot.mulTree, the argument mulTree.mcmc must now be an object returned from summary.mulTree.

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