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Dataset Open Access

19th Century United States Newspaper images predicted as Photographs with labels for "human", "animal", "human-structure" and "landscape"

van Strien, Daniel

Data collector(s)
Bond-Harris, Catherine

The Dataset contains images derived from the Newspaper Navigator (news-navigator.labs.loc.gov/), a dataset of images drawn from the Library of Congress Chronicling America collection (chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/). 

[The Newspaper Navigator dataset] consists of extracted visual content for 16,358,041 historic newspaper pages in Chronicling America. The visual content was identified using an object detection model trained on annotations of World War 1-era Chronicling America pages, including annotations made by volunteers as part of the Beyond Words crowdsourcing project.

source: https://news-navigator.labs.loc.gov/

One of these categories is 'photographs'. This dataset contains a sample of these images with additional labels indicating if the photograph has one or more of the following labels: "human", "animal", "human-structure" and "landscape"

The data is organised as follows:

  • The images themselves can be found in `images.zip`
  • `newspaper-navigator-sample-metadata.csv` contains metadata about each image drawn from the Newspaper Navigator Dataset.
  • `multi_label.csv` contains the labels for the images as a CSV file
  • `annotations.csv` conains the labels for the images with additional metadata

This dataset was created for use in an under-review Programming Historian tutorial (http://programminghistorian.github.io/ph-submissions/lessons/computer-vision-deep-learning-pt2) The primary aim of the data was to provide a realistic example dataset for teaching computer vision for working with digitised heritage material. The data is shared here since it may be useful for others. This data documentation is a work in progress and will be updated when the Programming Historian tutorial is released publicly.

The metadata CSV file contains the following columns:

- filepath
- pub_date
- page_seq_num
- edition_seq_num
- batch
- lccn
- box
- score
- ocr
- place_of_publication
- geographic_coverage
- name
- publisher
- url
- page_url
- month
- year
- iiif_url

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