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5 reasons for failing a CCNA exam


Are you thinking of taking a CCNA practice exam, but are afraid of missing it? Then you should be aware that you can first take mock tests to familiarise yourself with the conditions of a CCNA exam. To increase your chances of success, this article gives you 5 common mistakes that you can easily avoid.

1. Too much stress

Stress promotes the concentration that is essential for the proper conduct of your exam, but too much stress can be totally counterproductive. One of our participants told us that she was anxious as she was approaching the exam, yet she had shown remarkable knowledge of the subject matter during the course. Many participants find themselves in the same situation, especially when it is an in-house exam where candidates are afraid of becoming "the only one who has failed the exam". To avoid this type of situation, we invite our participants to express this fear to their trainers from the very first session. The trainers will give you tips on how to better prepare yourself and identify the most important concepts. Sharing your questions and fears within the group helps to reduce stress. In addition, other participants may have asked themselves the same questions as you and can provide answers.

2. Poor time management

The CCNA test must be completed within a time limit of 2 hours. The candidate is required to read a scenario and then answer 120 questions. Here, please ensure that you manage the time to avoid rushed reading of the script and giving risky answers to questions. Separating the time into two balanced parts is the first thing to do. Then read the scenario carefully, reread it a second time and annotate the most important sections. Once you have structured the scenario, it will become more readable and understandable. We encourage all participants to do mock tests that reproduce the same examination conditions. Through these tests you will identify knowledge that is not yet assimilated and you will get used to the time limit.

3. Did not prepare

Some people think they do not need to prepare for the exam. This is absurd! A CCNA practice test requires good preparation with summaries and a solid review of all the concepts covered. For those who have failed the exam, remember to retake it as soon as possible and prepare yourself this time. It is much easier to retake the exam when the material is still fresh in your mind. For this reason, we advise you not to wait too long before re-registering for the exam.

4. Not having a strategy

Some participants fail their exams and are discouraged because they had no specific training. After several failures, they have to rethink a more global strategy to find alternative solutions. Seeking help from professionals is a good first step, as they will help the candidates to have a solid understanding of the basic principles and an overview of the ins and outs of the subject matter.

5. Not knowing how the exam will be conducted

This failure is a frequent cause of failure. It is therefore important to find out exactly how the exam is going to go so that you can significantly reduce your anxiety as you approach the exam. Find out about the form of the exam, the location and the duration in order to eliminate some of the pressure.

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