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CEMPD/SMOKE: SMOKE v4.8.1 Public Release (January 29, 2021)

B.H. Baek; Catherine Seppanen

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  <dc:creator>B.H. Baek</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Catherine Seppanen</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>SMOKE Digital Object Identifier (DOI): SMOKE-MOVES Integration Tool Development 1. &lt;b&gt;New MOVES RatePerStart (RPS) Mode&lt;/b&gt;

	New feature in &lt;b&gt;Movesmrg&lt;/b&gt; for users to model Off-Network Start Exhaust and Crankcase Start Exhaust processes that are currently modeled under RatePerVehicle (RPV) mode.
	Unit of RPS emission rate is mass per vehicle-engine start (grams/vehicle-start).
	New "STARTS" activity inventory is required to compute RPS emissions with RPS emission rates.
	RPS_MODE[default: N] : Estimates off-network RPS emissions from engine starts.

2. &lt;b&gt;New Off-Network Idling (ONI) Mode&lt;/b&gt;

	New feature in &lt;b&gt;Movesmrg&lt;/b&gt; for users to model idling emissions from parking lot, distribution centers and other off-network spaces.
	Previously modeled under RatePerDistance (RPD) mode with roadtypes=1 (off-network) and speedbin=0 (speed=zero).\
	Unit of ONI emission rate is mass per vehicle-idling hour (grams/hour).
	New "IDLING" activity inventory is required to compute ONI emissions with ONI emission rates.
	ONI_MODE [default: N] : Estimates off-network idling emissions from parking, and distribution centers.

New Source Apportionment Regroup Tool

	New Source Apportionment Regroup Tool will allow users to assign existing Source Apportionment (SA)-ready gridded hourly emissions and stack groups files from SMOKE to new SA group IDs.
	Requires the sector-specific SA-ready gridded hourly emissions and stack group files and new regroup mapping input file called &lt;a href=""&gt; REGROUP_GROUPS&lt;/a&gt;.
	Check out &lt;a href=""&gt; the Coordinating Research Council (CRC) A-119 Full Technical Report&lt;/a&gt; for the details.
	Download the complete use case package data file for the SA regroup tool from &lt;a href=""&gt; the CRC Data Share Site&lt;/a&gt;.

BEIS v3.7 Enhancements

	New BEIS Emission Factors (BEISFAC) and BELD5 landuse input files are required.
	Latest BEISFAC and North America region BELD5 (1km x 1km) input files for BEIS v3.7 can be found from &lt;a href=""&gt; the CMAS Data Warehouse&lt;/a&gt;.
	Custom BELD5 input file over your modeling domain can be developed using new updated &lt;b&gt;Aggwndw&lt;/b&gt; utility program in SMOKE that can optionally aggregate non-mass values with the setting of AGGREGATE_EMIS_YN = N.

Laypoint Updates

	Update to treat new WRF hybrid-vertical coordinate type (-999) as existing sigma (7) coordinate.
	Update to enforce fire bottom plume height starting from surface layer.
	New FIRE_BOTTOM_LAYER_1_YN [Default: Y]: Define the bottom of fire plume as model layer 1.

Smkinven Updates

	Prevent from dropping CEMS hourly NOX and SO2 emissions when all CEMS parameters (e.g., heat input, steam load and gross load) are missing.
	Update to proper handle multiple ORIS and Boiler IDs CEMS sources under the same point source Unit ID.
	PROCESS_MULT_ORIS_UNITS_YN [default: N]: Allows Smkinven to append "__##" to Unit ID to treat them as separate point sources.

Smkmerge and Movesmrg Updates

	SMK_SUB_SECTOR_OUTPUT_YN [default:N]: Generate sub-sector source group emissions output files based on the list of source group ID defined in (&lt;a href=""&gt;SOURCE_GROUPS&lt;/a&gt;).

Spcmat and Smkreport Updates

	USE_REF_COUNTY_MAP_YN [default:N]: New feature to assign speciation profiles by reference county based on the inventory-reference county cross-reference input file (&lt;a href=""&gt;MCXREF&lt;/a&gt;).
	Generate correct Smkreport reports for the inventory sources with multiple speciation profiles assigned by GSPRO_COMBO and/or multiple GSREF cross-referencing approaches.
	New speciation profile description (GSPRODESC) input file support in Smkreport. Users can optionally output the speciation profile descriptions to Smkreport "BY SPCCODE" report.&lt;/li&gt;


	Added new command "AERMOD ANNUAL" in Smkreport to generate emission helper files for AERMOD model for sectors other than onroad.
	Overall updates across all sectors (e.g., point, area, commercial marine vessel port &amp; underway, and gridded sectors).

Bug fixes

	Various bug fixes since the public SMOKE version 476 release in September 2019
  <dc:title>CEMPD/SMOKE: SMOKE v4.8.1 Public Release (January 29, 2021)</dc:title>
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