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Creation and judicious application of a wheat resistance gene atlas

Hafeez, Amber N.; Arora, Sanu; Ghosh, Sreya; Gilbert, David; Bowden, Robert L.; Wulff, Brande B. H.

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                   Foundation, USA; a UKRI-BBSRC Norwich Research
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                   fellowship to DG; and a Monsanto's Beachell-
                   Borlaug International Scholars Program fellowship
                   (06-400258-12580) and John Innes Centre
                   International Scholarship Scheme award to SG. We
                   are grateful to Michiel van Slageren (Royal
                   Botanic Garden, Kew, UK) for help with taxonomic
                   classifications, Tobin Florio
                   (\_sci.htm) for the
                   artwork, Mark Luterbacher (John Innes Centre, UK)
                   for help with budgeting the wheat R gene atlas,
                   Simon Aspland (John Innes Centre) for help with R
                   gene patent searches, Simon Krattinger for
                   feedback on an earlier draft of the manuscript,
                   and the following colleagues for discussions on R
                   gene stewardship: Brian Steffenson (University of
                   Minnesota, USA), Caixia Lan (Huazhong Agricultural
                   University, China), Filippo Bassi (ICARDA,
                   Morocco), Hannah Robinson (Intergrain, Australia),
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