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Features of leaf mesostructure organization under plant growth regulators treatment on broad bean plants

О. A. Shevchuk; O. O. Kravets; V. V. Shevchuk; O. O. Khodanitska; O. O. Tkachuk; L. А. Golunova; S. V. Polyvanyi; O. V. Knyazyuk; O. L. Zavalnyuk

The plant organism can be represented as the only donor-acceptor system (“source-sink”), in which the plant is considered as a system of donors (source) and acceptors (sink) of assimilates. Donors and acceptors can be considered as individual plant structuresorgans, tissues, cells and organelles, and as processesphotosynthesis, respiration, transport, assimilation (Kiriziy et al. 2014).

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