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arviz-devs/arviz: Beta release

Osvaldo Martin; Ari Hartikainen; Colin; Ravin Kumar; Oriol Abril-Pla; Piyush Gautam; Moritz Freidank; Agustina Arroyuelo; Aniruddha Banerjea; Nitish Pasricha; rpgoldman; Austin Rochford; Volodymyr (Vlad) Kazantsev; Du Phan; Arunava; Predrag Gruevski; Alexandre ANDORRA; Kyle Beauchamp; Seth Axen; Thummanoon Kunanuntakij; Ari; Matt Boggess; Raúl Peralta Lozada; Smit Sanghavi; Thomas Wiecki; Tomás Capretto; Junpeng Lao; Michael Osthege; Adrian Seyboldt; GWeindel


  • Added to_dataframe method, __getitem__ magic and copy method to InferenceData
  • Add ref_line, bar, vlines and marker_vlines kwargs to plot_rank
  • Add observed argument to (un)plot observed data in plot_ppc
  • Add support for named dims and coordinates with multivariate observations
  • Add support for discrete variables in rank plots and loo_pit
  • Make stacking the default method to compute weights in compare (1438)
  • [experimental] Modified SamplingWrapper base API
Maintenance and fixes
  • Updated CmdStanPy interface
  • Have from_pystan store attrs as strings to allow netCDF storage
  • Use circular KDE function and fix tick labels in circular plot_trace
  • Fix computation of weights in compare
  • Add grid argument to manually specify the number of rows and columns
  • Switch to compact=True by default in our plots
  • Make from_pymc3 compatible with theano-pymc 1.1.0
Deprecations * plot_khat deprecate annotate argument in favor of threshold.

See detailed change log

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