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ggobi/ggally: v2.1.0

Barret Schloerke; François Briatte; Joseph; bigbeardesktop; justsomeone1001; Jason Crowley; Dianne Cook; Eduardo Ibanez; Carson Sievert; Kevin Ogden; Ross; Edward Wallace; Jonathan Gilligan; Trey Spiller; Edwin Thoen; Jakob Richter; Ott Toomet; Marcus W Beck; elbamos; Alexey Sergushichev; André Calero Valdez; Codetrainee; Erwan Le Pennec; Gökçen Eraslan; Heike Hofmann; Simon P. Couch; The Gitter Badger; Vasco Lepori; Yihui Xie; Ben Bolker

GGally 2.1.0 Breaking changes
  • Following version 7.0.0 of broom, computed residuals in stat_cross() are now named "resid" and "std.resid". cells and fill arguments of ggally_crosstable() and ggtable() have been updated accordingly (@larmarange, #391)
Other changes
  • ggcoef() redesign based on broom.helpers with four new functions: ggcoef_model(), ggcoef_compare(), ggcoef_multinom() and ggcoef_plot() (more informations in the dedicated vignette, @larmarange, #392)
  • New geometries: geom_stripped_rows() and geom_stripped_cols() (#392, @larmarange)
  • New option reverse_fill_labels for ggally_colbar() and ggally_rowbar() (@larmarange, #374)
  • stat_prop() now accepts a x or a y aesthetic (#395, @larmarange)
  • Temporarily not listening to ggally_statistic(family) to avoid monospaced font issues. See #373 for more details. (#387)
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