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OPENDAP/bes: Version 3.20.8 for Hyrax 1.16.3

James Gallagher; Nathan Potter; The Robot Travis; Slav Korolev; Kodi Neumiller; kyang2014; Corey Hemphill; Riley Rimer; Sam Lloyd; Uday Kari; dh-opendap; H. Joe Lee; Orion Poplawski; Captain James Tiberius Kirk; Edward Hartnett; Lewis John McGibbney; rmorris2342; ptype

Release Notes NGAP & DMR++ Improvements

  • The dmr++ production chain: get_dmrpp, build_dmrpp, check_dmrpp, merge_dmrpp, and reduce_mdf received the following updates:

    • Support for injecting configuration modifications to allow fine tuning of the dataset representation in the produced dmr++ file.
    • Support for HDF5 COMPACT layout data.
    • Optional creation and injection of missing (domain coordinate) data as needed.
    • Endian information carried in Chunks
    • Int64 support
    • Updated command line options and help page.
  • Improved S3 reliability by adding retry efforts for common S3 error responses that indicate a retry is worth pursuing (because S3 just fails sometimes and a retry is suggested).

  • Improved and more transparent error handling for remote access issues.

  • Migrated the service implementation making parallel requests using multi-cURL to the c++11 std:async and std:future mechanism.

  • Added caching of S3 "effective" URLs obtained from NGAP service chain.

  • Implemented support for EDL token chaining.

  • New implementation of ngap restified path parser that is (almost) impervious to the the key value content in the path.

  • Implemented the SuperChunk optimization for mass acquisition of required, consecutive chunks.

  • Updated JSON-LD content of the server's Data Request Form pages so that it is (once again) in keeping with the (evolving) rules enforced by the Rich Results page which is part of Google's Dataset Search
  • AsciiTransmit supports DAP4 functions
  • Group support in fileout netcdf-4
  • End Of Life for CentOS-6 Support - It's been a long road CentOS-6, but NASA has given us the OK to drop support for you just days before your nominal end of life. On to the next std::future.

  • Dropped the "longest matching" Whitelist configuration key in favor of a multiple regular expressions configuration using the new AllowedHosts key.

  • Consolidation of internal HTTP code and caching for all services. This means more consistent behavior and error handling everywhere the server has to reach out for something.

  • Introduced log message types: request, error, info, verbose, and timing which all log to BES.LogName/. Each type is identified in the log and has a "fixed" format that can be reliably parsed by downstream software.

  • Updated GDAL handler.

  • SonarCloud and /or Snyk is now a blocking step for all Hyrax component PRs

  • Our Docker images have been updated to utilize ncWMS-2.4.2 which is compatible with current Tomcat security measures. This means ncWMS2 is working again…

  • Dynamic Configuration - This feature is currently a proof-of-concept idea and is disabled with a compiler macro. To become an actual feature it will need to be implemented in a much more thoughtful and efficient manner. Which we will be happy to do so if there is sufficient interest!

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