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Ceyhan Ozlem; Pires Oscar; Munduate Xabier

Within EU FP7 AVATAR project (AdVanced Aerodynamic Tools of lArge Rotors), a high Reynolds number and low Mach number wind tunnel test has been performed with the aim to obtain reliable data that can be used to validate existing aerodynamic models for this operating range. The test has been performed at the DNW High Pressure Wind Tunnel in Göttingen (HDG).


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measuredCoordinates100mmFromMS_CASE1.txt md5:b340cc1025aec596ea0deb8e91563f45 3.3 kB Download
nominalCoordinates_CASE1.txt md5:30f5c3aab5c960a8e6cfcce732bdf088 3.1 kB Download
Test_description.docx md5:f18f8f454a6d454c35e19f2c80cf0070 26.7 kB Download
  • O Pires, X Munduate, O Ceyhan, M Jacobs, H Snel. (2016) Analysis of high Reynolds numbers effects on a wind turbine airfoil using 2D wind tunnel test data. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 753 (2016) 022047. 2016.
  • O Pires, X Munduate, O Ceyhan, M Jacobs, J Madsen and J G Schepers. (2016) Analysis of the high Reynolds number 2D tests on a wind turbine airfoil performed at two different wind tunnels. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 749 (2016) 012014. 2016
  • Ozlem Ceyhan, Oscar Pires, Xabier Munduate, Niels N. Sorensen, Alois Peter Schaffarczyk, Torben Reichstein, Konstantinos Diakakis, Giorgos Papadakis, Elia Daniele, Michael Schwarz, Thorsten Lutz, and Raul Prieto. (2017) Summary of the Blind Test Campaign to predict the High Reynolds number performance of DU00-W-210 airfoil, 35th Wind Energy Symposium, AIAA SciTech Forum, (AIAA 2017-0915)


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