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Scifabric/pybossa: JSON please

Daniel Lombraña González; alejandrodob; Marvin R.; Martin Keegan; Rufus Pollock; Nigel Babu; Nigini Abilio; Alexander Mendes; Gregor Aisch; jorge.correa; Friedrich Lindenberg; noelmas; Gleicon Moraes; Fede; Quentin Mazars-Simon; elyrichardson; Tom Pollard; Stefano Costa; Pedro Ferreira; Pablo Castellano; Daniel Pett

This new release has lots of goodies:

  • Blogpost API: now you can read, create, update and delete blogposts via the API.
  • Favorites API: now you can allow your users to mark as a favorite a task.
  • React, jQuery or Vuejs: choose your framework and build a full JS server ;-) Almost all endpoints now speak JSON.
  • Schedulers now support orderby any domain object attribute and descending.
  • Newtask api endpoint now allows you to grab up to 100 tasks for a user.

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