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Wolf (Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758) domestication: why did it occur so late and at such high latitude? A hypothesis

Schnitzler, Annick; Patou-Mathis, Marylène

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      <creatorName>Schnitzler, Annick</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Patou-Mathis, Marylène</creatorName>
    <title>Wolf (Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758) domestication: why did it occur so late and at such high latitude? A hypothesis</title>
    <date dateType="Issued">2017-12-29</date>
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    <description descriptionType="Abstract">Schnitzler, Annick, Patou-Mathis, Marylène (2017): Wolf (Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758) domestication: why did it occur so late and at such high latitude? A hypothesis. Anthropozoologica 52 (2): 149-153, DOI: 10.5252/az2017n2a1</description>
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