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D4.3 Models for vertical descriptor adaptation

Mauro Femminella

This deliverable contributes to a concrete step forward in the 5G EVE end-to-end facility implementation, by providing details about how tools described in D4.1[1] and firstly integrated together in D4.2 [2] are further improved in order to deliver advanced automation capabilities to the overall facility for the preparation and configuration of an experiment. The focus of this deliverable is represented by the chains of data models trans-formation that allow converting high-level templates presented to the vertical users (the blueprints) into low-level configuration files and actionable items. Since such transformation process happens in the background, within the portal backend, in a completely automatic fashion, it allows simplifying the interaction of vertical users with the 5G EVE end-to-end facility, without sacrificing flexibility and possibilities for experiment per-sonalization. Towards that goal, this document specifies how some of the key components in the 5G EVE Portal, namely the Experiment Blueprint Builder, the Portal Catalogue, the Experiment Lifecycle Manager, and the Experiment Execution Manager, already sketched in D4.1 and D4.2, closely interact in order to provide this level of automation in the definition and configuration of an experiment, including not only functional aspects of the experiment, but also configurations related to collection of metrics and validation of key performance indicators. In this document we introduce an additional component, called Experiment Network Service De-scriptor Composer, which provides a high level of automation in one of the most critical steps of an experiment preparation, that is the building of a ETSI-compliant network service descriptor to be fed into the InterWorking Framework, i.e. the component in the 5G EVE infrastructure that directly interfaces with different site facilities. While in the first release of the portal such a step was carried out manually during the experiment definition phase, now it becomes completely automatic and it is no longer needed to be performed by the vertical users, thus lowering the usability bar of the 5G EVE facilities as well as the possibility of mistakes in an error-prone procedure. All these activities are carried out in the framework of the Task T4.3 and are integrated into those described in T4.1 and prototyped in T4.2.

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