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mjucker/aostools: aostools v2.3

Martin Jucker

Version used for M. Jucker (2020): Scaling of Eliassen-Palm Flux Vectors, Atmospheric Science Letters, DOI 10.1002/asl.1020.

Started transition to xarray data:

  • ComputePsiXr(), ComputeVertEddyXr() (a9519d4)
  • ComputeWstarXr() (28c46d2)
  • ComputeRefractiveIndexXr() (3f22071)
  • New function ComputeRossbyWaveSource() (3a53884)
  • New function Nino(): Accepts SSTs and computes nino1+2, 3, 4, 3.4, ONI and TNI. (3a53884)

Minor additions and bugfixes.

  • Changed function name ERA2Model() to StandardGrid() (cee2900)
  • Add divergence calculation for ComputeWaveActivityFlux().
  • Add possibility to use EOF as input to eof(): The function then projects data onto the input EOF and computes the corresponding PC (c192080)
  • Add ComputeStreamfunction() (f0deda4)
  • Bugfixes in ComputeWaveActivityFlux()
  • Add Cart2Sphere() which takes arrow components and transforms them for plotting on a sphere. (607a048)
  • now contains often used constants. Will be expanded in the future.
  • Multi-axes projection figure with Projection() (58ee720)
  • Converted spaces to tabs for python3 compatibility.

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