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Inspection of histological 3D reconstructions in virtual reality. Supplementary Video

Oleg Lobachev

The video should supplement our paper on using virtual reality in medical research. We showcase the features of our visualization and present various approaches towards visual analytics of medical data sets in virtual reality.

  • The H.264 8 bit small 30 fps video is a resized video in H.264 format. It should play anywhere. Please use other videos, if you can, as this one has only 30 fps and a rather small screen size. It would be hard to see details. However, this is the version to go, if you have old hardware or bad network connection.
  • The H.264 8 bit small 60 fps video is also resized, so similar restrictions as above apply, but this file has full 60 fps.
  • The H.264 8 bit full-size video is a full-format FullHD video in H.264 format with 60 fps. It should play anywhere.
  • The H.264 10 bit video is a full-format FullHD video in H.264 format with 60 fps. This is the video with the best quality. If should play on any modern PC.
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  • Preprint of the paper is under arXiv: 2009.00887

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