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An interactive DNA barcode browser

Roderic D. M. Page

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  "description": "<p>This paper describes an interactive web application to display DNA barcode data. It supports both query by sequence and query by geographic area. By using n-gram indexing of DNA sequences, and alignment-free phylogeny construction, the user can interactively explore DNA barcode data in real time.</p>", 
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  "creator": [
      "affiliation": "IBAHCM, MVLS, University of Glasgow", 
      "@id": "", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Roderic D. M. Page"
  "headline": "An interactive DNA barcode browser", 
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  "datePublished": "2020-11-10", 
  "url": "", 
  "keywords": [
    "DNA barcoding", 
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  "@id": "", 
  "@type": "ScholarlyArticle", 
  "name": "An interactive DNA barcode browser"
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