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QutEcoacoustics/audio-analysis: Ecoacoustics Audio Analysis Software v20.11.1.24

Michael Towsey; Anthony Truskinger; Mark Cottman-Fields; Paul Roe

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  <dc:creator>Michael Towsey</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Anthony Truskinger</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Mark Cottman-Fields</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Paul Roe</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>Version v20.11.1.24
Compare v20.11.0.0...v20.11.1.24

e7e974f4 towsey - (#390) Update GenericRecognizer.cs
f080005e towsey - (#390) Wrote unit tests for Event filters
7c4cf23d Michael Towsey - (#390) Refactor GenericRecognizer class and associated tests
493a1524 Michael Towsey - (#390) Change recognizer.config.yml files
ecff057b Michael Towsey - (#390) Fix Aust Bittern test
1abf01b6 Michael Towsey - (#390) Shift array of decibel thresholds from GenericRecognizer class to CommonParameters
e82f81a0 Michael Towsey - (#390) Fixed tests associated with the previous changes
7150e802 Michael Towsey - (#390) Update GenericRecognizer.cs
772e18d8 Michael Towsey - (#390) Changes to the sideband activity filter
e80aa2c9 towsey - (#390) Fix unit tests for AED and Cisticola
947cf40a towsey - (#390) Adjust yml  configs to new system of decibel thresholds.
4d2ba7a5 towsey - (#390) Refactor options for the Aust. Bittern
80a36bde towsey - (#390) Pass decibel threshold to each recognizer.
cf30bdf5 towsey - (#390) Fixed bug that arose when first implementing multiple decibel thresholds
8630b971 towsey - (#390) Update CompositeEvent.cs
120f8cb6 towsey - (#390) Create EventFilterTests.cs
828347fc towsey - (#390) Shift some classes into new folder structure
2648ea03 towsey - (#390) Rewrite unit tests to work with new method of using multiple decibel thresholds.
43ab9f90 towsey - (#390) Update OnebinTrackAlgorithm.cs
631ec947 towsey - (#390) Update CompositeEvent.cs
aecccbc9 towsey - (#390) Update EventFilters.cs
40b48251 towsey - (#390) Split the GenericRecognizer class
0d143de8 towsey - (#390) Refactor the sideband filter for acoustic events
5d0a3bd2 towsey - (#390) Refactor code for filtering on sideband activity.
  <dc:title>QutEcoacoustics/audio-analysis: Ecoacoustics Audio Analysis Software v20.11.1.24</dc:title>
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