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ATLAS Deliverable 2.4: Water mass properties, hydrodynamic controls and mechanisms of organic matter supply in ATLAS case study areas

Mohn, C; van Oevelen, D; Carreiro-Silva, M; Domínguez Carrió, C; Duineveld, G; Fox, A; Gary, S; Head, E; Hansen, JLS; Kenchington, E; Korte, L; Mienis, F; Morato, T; Møller, EF; Rakka, M; Rovelli, L; Schulz, K; Soetaert, K; Vad, J; Wolff, G; Yashayaev, I; Roberts, JM

Report of the in-situ hydrodynamics, abiotic variables, and suspended particles near the seafloor and sedimenting particles from bottom traps to identify organic matter transport pathways for different case study sites and a qualitative comparison with output from the high‐resolution hydrodynamic models during periods of strong and weak AMOC.

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