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Why Chinese Students Prefer to Study in the US

Zara Huang

More and more Chinese students are coming to study in the US. Why has this been happening recently? There are many factors to anybody’s decision to go overseas! This article has the main factors which go into that decision. There are many more out there if you look for them! 

Unsatisfied and inspired by Chinese Student

Many students already use essay代写帮助留学生 from for help with their writing. Some of them might decide to take the next step and come to the US for higher education. Many universities share that their highest numbers of foreign students come from China.

The University of New York opened a campus in Shanghai. This was supposed to help Chinese universities meet the standards of American universities in terms of teaching. Many students come to the US because it is a different style of education. Sometimes new ways of learning can be more effective in changing your mental outlook than simply powering through.

Catch for a great chance

Many universities rank very highly in United States education ranking. This can be enough to get domestic students to choose one university over another. It will of course have the same effect on foreign students. After all, if you are going overseas anyway, wouldn’t you prefer to go to a highly-rated university?

An education from a ranked university carries some prestige outside of the actual degree. Many Chinese students will be looking for that specifically. It can be very useful when looking for a job. That one extra nudge to take them from ‘a good candidate’ to ‘a great candidate’. Wouldn’t you go for that?

Travel overseas for a more well education

Chinese students in the US will get a very different education from in China. After all, going overseas is an education on two fronts. You get your actual degree, and you also learn about new cultures. Depending on their level of English proficiency when Chinese students arrive in the US, they will also learn a new language.

Going overseas to the US offers a much wider education than staying in China would. Chinese students will be able to learn how to interact with different cultures and personality types. This includes cultures that are not native to the US since many other people study overseas! 

A growing number of students from China

Many students choose to study in the US because other Chinese students do the same. Many universities don’t keep tallies of how many students in the US are in their universities.

Everyone can feel lonely when they first come to university. It isn’t unique to overseas students. Everything is new, everything is different. It’s no surprise that Chinese students like to go somewhere with other Chinese students.

This has a circular effect. The more students who go somewhere, the more students will be inclined to go. If a university also has programs or groups which are specifically geared towards Chinese students, that’s even better!

Chinese students can get a lot out of coming to the US to study. Anybody can get a lot out of simply being in another country over a long period of time. Chinese students may come to the US solely for their education. They will always leave with something more.

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