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How to build and use "PICT"? A users-friendly practical guide

Droissart, Vincent; Azandi, Laura; Onguene, Eric R.; Savignac, Marie; Smith, Thomas B.; Deblauwe, Vincent

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                   practical guide}},
  author       = {Droissart, Vincent and
                  Azandi, Laura and
                  Onguene, Eric R. and
                  Savignac, Marie and
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  month        = apr,
  year         = 2021,
  note         = {{This study is part of the Congo Basin Institute's 
                   Ebony Project generously funded by UCLA and Bob
                   Taylor, owner of Taylor Guitars and co-owner of
                   Crelicam ebony mill in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Field
                   investigations and materials were partly funded by
                   the Fondation pour Favoriser la Recherche sur la
                   Biodiversité en Afrique (João Farminhão and Laura
                   Azandi as PI), the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation
                   and the Aspire Grant Program (Laura Azandi as PI).
                   We express our gratitude to the American Orchid
                   Society (AOS) for funding the Ph.D. activities of
                   Laura Azandi in Cameroon and her stay in the
                   herbarium of Université Libre de Bruxelles. We are
                   grateful to David Roubik for the identification of
                   D. crassiflora pollinators. We are much indebted
                   to Fabienne Van Rossum and Camille Cornet for
                   providing us with the video sequence on Silene
                   nutans L. shown in Video S4. We are grateful to
                   the conservator and staff of the Dja Fauna
                   Reserve, local authorities and communities around
                   the Reserve for their support and help during
                   fieldwork activities. We also thank Ruksan Bose
                   and two anonymous reviewers whose comments helped
                   us to improve the quality of the final version of
                   this manuscript.}},
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.4139839},
  url          = {}
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