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agricolamz/phonfieldwork v.0.0.8

George Moroz; sverhees

  • add possibility to read short format of .TextGrids and fix textgrid_to_df() and tier_to_df() functions
  • add encoding, formant_df, intensity, picth and pitch_range arguments to the draw_sound() function
  • add the formant_to_df() function
  • add the picth_to_df() function
  • add the intensity_to_df() function
  • add an argument external to the create_presentation() function in order to mark external images or gifs
  • remove all encoding arguments and replace it with encoding autodetection from uchardet (thanks to Artem Klevtsov for help)
  • add autonumber, loging and missing arguments to rename_soundfiles() function (thanks to Niko Partanen)
  • a lot of minor style changes (thanks to Jonathan Keane)
  • add the create_empty_textgrid() function (thanks to Niko Partanen)
  • add the data_manipulation_with_tidyverse vignette (thanks to Niko Partanen)
  • add the concatenate_textgrids() function
  • add the read_from_folder() function and remove ..._from_folder arguments
  • pass rOpenSci review! Move tutorial to

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