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Preserving and Annotating Publishers' Data

Cornwell, Peter John; Gonzalez Lopez, Jose Benito; Lamberty Graf Hendrikoff, Tom

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  <dc:description>RDA IG-PTTP and Frankfurter BuchMesse #20: Preserving and Annotating Publishers' Data

16th October 2020, 15:00-16:00 CEST

Presenters: Peter Cornwell (ENS-Lyon, University of Westminster, Data Futures), José Gonzalez (CERN), Tom Lamberty (Merve Verlag)

Merve Open Access Repository:

These presentations formed the second internet seminar—co-organized with the Frankfurt Book Fair—of RDA's Preservation Tools Technologies and Policies IG (PTTP-IG) 2020 series. They address digital preservation solutions for the publishing enterprise. Presenting experience from the 2015-2020 open access project of Merve Verlag—winner of the 2020 German Publishers' Prize—the talks proceed from creation of a homogeneous digital corpus, to adoption of APIs for future-proof internet access and platforms for long-term preservation and scholarly research. The seminar focuses on delivering the full book content of the publisher catalogue and long-term sustainability via three talks:

i) creation of technology-agnostic digital editions;

ii) open access and support of the research community and

iii) strategies for future-proof accessibility and long-term preservation.

The preservation trajectory also addresses digital capture and accessibility for historic information about the publisher, such as author and rights correspondence, launches, events and archives—although this will be addressed in more detail by a subsequent event.

Tom Lamberty, managing director of Merve Verlag, presented strategies for creating a new publishing data resource. This trajectory addressed digitization of out-of-print books, as well as conversion of current publications originated digitally using tailored re-delivery workflows; producing a new data resource to support conventional print and distribution, print-on-demand plus a digital edition for open reading access and use by the research community.

José Gonzalez, head of repository technologies at CERN, charted the history as well as current developments surrounding long-term access and preservation technologies for research data in the physical and life sciences. Since the 1960s, increasing data volumes and enormous international research investment has driven preservation efforts focusing on software engineering, and CERN has become a prominent developer and user of reliable data repositories. Its technology now underpins the Zenodo global catch-all repository for research data, and the forthcoming release of InvenioRDM gives new communities such as the publishing sector radical new data distribution and preservation opportunities.

Peter Cornwell, co-chair of PTTP-IG, research fellow at ENS-Lyon and IMCC-Westminster, and director of Data Futures GmbH, addressed development of multi-function online access using the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). Automated production of IIIF services from publishers' digital editions supports not only existing and future electronic reading applications, but also new research platforms generating preservable Web Annotation Data Model collections, which can be output directly to repositories.

An update on this seminar is planned at RDA Plenary-16 between November 9th-16th 2020 and, together with participant feedback, will shape PTTP's ongoing program.</dc:description>
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  <dc:title>Preserving and Annotating Publishers' Data</dc:title>
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